2014 - What's Next?

When the shows in the Southeast were announced, I had just decided to retire from my job of 30+ years. I knew that my chances of attending concerts were going to drastically decrease once I left employment; so, I decided I was going to attend all the shows that had been scheduled in the Southeast. That was meant to be my retirement present to myself. It was going to be, potentially, my last shot at seeing Barry live.

It was very difficult to arrange travel between the different cities. You've heard the old saying, "You can't get there from here"... Well, that was true of these cities. In previous years, I had tried, and failed, to arrange travel between cities in the South. It was no easier this time.

As if that weren't enough, Mother Nature had plans for us. Unusual winter weather caused show postponements, and a lot of last minute travel changes. I guess I can count that as more of my Manilow adventures.

I'm VERY glad I attended the concerts. The circumstances surrounding getting to and from the concerts could have been better, but the shows were fantastic, as always. Barry was fantastic. I'll never get tired of seeing him - never, EVER.

I really had no idea if I would ever see Barry again. As the year went by, and we heard nothing, it seemed more and more as if that might have been the end. Barry did perform in the UK, but there was no way I could attend that after going to all those shows in Florida.

There were a couple of new CDs - Night Songs and My Dream Duets. CDs are no substitute for seeing Barry live, though.

Still, I had one of the biggest thrills of my life when one of my photos was chosen for the cover of My Dream Duets. I never would have believed that something like that could happen to me.

BB&T Center - Sunrise, FL
January 17, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Germain Arena - Estero, FL
January 24, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Amway Center - Orlando, FL
January 18, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Pensacola Bay Center - Pensacola, FL
January 30, 2014
(photos and show notes)
North Charleston Coliseum - North Charleston, SC
January 19, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Tampa Bay Times Forum - Tampa, FL
January 31, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Veterans Memorial Arena - Jacksonville, FL
January 23, 2014
(photos and show notes)
Baton Rouge River Center - Baton Rouge, LA
February 3, 2014
(photos and show notes)

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