Show Notes - May 27, 2017 - Foxwoods Grand Theatre, Mashantucket, CT

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No photos this time. Mixed messages about cameras, memories of what happened last time, and not wanting to risk an issue with a security guy while I'm sitting front and center - all made me just put the camera away completely.

It was a great show. It was shorter than what we've been seeing. But I think everyone assumed that was because it was a casino show. Actually, someone asked an usher how long the show would be. The response was, "Between 90 minutes and an hour and a half." Huh?!

Barry's voice was strong - and I think he had more energy than all the rest of us combined.

The yellow lighting during Daybreak seemed especially bright tonight. Really, it filled the entire stage. I think maybe that's brightest lighting I've seen for any song. Barry was smiling - the lighting seemed to fit in perfectly with his mood.

We got a great facial expression from Barry at the beginning of Looks Like We Made It. Teasing and adorable. Would have loved to have been able to capture that one with a photo.

That ending note in This Is My Town was especially impressive tonight. It seemed like Barry held on forever. This new song is interesting to me. I guess I'm a lyrics person - most of the time I need to be able to relate to the lyrics in order to say I like a song. Even if I really like the music, if I can't relate to the lyrics, my interest in the song will fade. Well, I can't relate to the lyrics in this song. When I come to NY, I almost always end up getting yelled at, or people lose their patience with me. I haven't had overwhelmingly positive experiences - sorry... But tonight I realized I'm not even paying attention to the lyrics. It's all about the music, and the smile on Barry's face as he performs the song.

Barry added Weekend In New England to the show - an appropriate location for that. It was a beautiful performance. Yeah, people yelled out - and yeah, Barry responded... But I didn't hear what he said. People laughed - it must have been one of his funny comebacks.

It was special watching Barry perform Somewhere Down The Road tonight. It's pretty awesome to have him sitting so close, and so close to the same level you are. It's a different type of experience. Barry intros the song by talking about the different meanings it can have. It's been a meaningful song for me through the years, too. One of those great songs that can easily have different meanings for different people, and can also have different meanings for the same person at different times. Probably the first thing that comes to mind with this song is losing someone - in whatever way. Lately, I've noticed that the song triggers other feelings and thoughts, also. For instance, reevaluating devotion to people and things. I guess that's kind of a loss, too, though - if you're reevaluating, something has been lost somewhere. Oh, okay - back to a song of loss... Anyway, it was a great experience to be sitting that close as Barry performed the song.

Even Now was a nice performance. Of the 3 shows I've seen this time around, I think Barry displayed more emotion in tonight's performance than in the other two.

Let's Hang On was still there, still fun. Lots of smiles and good feelings. It's a highlight for me.

Could It Be Magic - hmmmm... Barry started the slow version at the piano. Then he went into the upbeat version. Front row is always an interesting place to be sitting during the upbeat version of CIBM. Tonight it far exceeded interesting. The first set of BAMS were pretty typical. But the second set.... Barry walked out onto the stage extension, as far as he could go. He was only a couple of feet from those of us sitting front and center. He pretended that he was going to jump right out into the audience, and then he did the second set of BAMS. Oh, my goodness... Ever heard the expression "in your face"? Ha! Definitely got our attention.

Last thing I really remember is I Write The Songs. Barry asked us to sing along with him. At one point, he actually stopped singing himself so he could listen to us - said something about us sounding like a choir.

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