Show Notes - August 17, 2019 - Lunt-Fontanne

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The crowd was really loud tonight! The place was packed, and they wanted Barry!

At the end of New York City Rhythm, Barry spread his arms wide and said, "Hello, New York." The roar from the crowd was deafening. Barry was so pleased, he had to say it again. And the roar from the crowd was even louder.

Barry did a very upbeat version of Daybreak. You know, they've been using this background graphic in Vegas for a while. I recognized that it's a sunrise sky, but I never actually realized that the sun can be seen rising. I guess the lighting combined with my angle tonight made it stand out. That's kind of neat.

Looks Like We Made It was great. It had a little lighter tone, a little bit of a teasing tone at times. I got a kick out of Barry's expressions. The first one looks like he's very serious.

And then the second one looks like he's thinking, "I'm about to OWN them!"

And he did, of course.

During the hand-in-the-pocket part of the song, Barry communicated the lyrics so well. This is from the "love's so strange part."

And this is from the "and if I hold you for the sake" part.

I finally caught the purple lights at the end of LLWMI! I almost didn't. The crowd stood before the song was completely over. I jumped up just in time, and was lucky enough that my camera was able to get a decent focus. But at least I caught them. I know, that's crazy. But I think the purple spotlights are beautiful.

It was another joyful performance of This Is My Town. This is what I mean - Barry just looks happy.

Finally! I finally caught this!

This is during On Broadway. It's the part where he sings "I won't quit 'til I'm a star." When Barry put this song into the show, he would gesture toward the sky as he sang this line. At first it was a really big gesture, but then he toned it down. I always liked it, so I wanted a photo of it. But it seemed that when I tried to take a photo of it, Barry wouldn't raise his hand. If I didn't pick up my camera, he did raise his hand. And this has been going on ever since he started singing this song. It was getting comical.

Well, tonight I didn't pick my camera up until the last minute. I just hoped that it was in focus. Ha! But I got it!

And then this is the next shot in the sequence. Looks like Barry is shocked that I finally got it! Ha! It's so funny how photos can turn out like that at times.

Barry did an awesome job with Even Now. He got a huge ovation - even bigger than the one on the previous night. Just when it seemed like it would die down, it would start up again.

I guess this was a night for catching shots I don't normally manage to catch. From It's A Miracle, obviously.

Memory was so beautiful tonight. Barry's performance, of course. But also the music behind him. Exquisite... I did a great job of ignoring the lyrics again. Ha! Well, except for this one line - this jumped out into the audience and slapped me! "I must think of a new life, and I musn't give in." I hate that line, because it always makes me think of the day when I won't be able to do this. So, I wasn't completely successful in ignoring the lyrics, but there was so much music after that, I got over it.

Barry got another big ovation. And then he blew us a kiss.

I heard more extra musical sounds tonight. I heard the same musical instruments that I heard on the previous night, but I also heard something else. I'm still not sure what it was. It's hard to know where it was coming from because the keyboards are able to produce so many different sounds. My first instinct was that it was coming from David's direction. At first I thought maybe a triangle - but all the soundclips I could find online were metallic sounding. This was a very clear ringing sound - beautiful sound!

Could It Be Magic was a crowd pleaser. Well, it always is - nothing surprising about that. It was a lot of fun. And purple and green are awesome together!

After CIBM Barry took a moment to mention Harmony again. He also took a moment to acknowledge his band, and everyone else who had worked on the show.

The crowd was cheering loudly. And people would yell out, "I love you, Barry!" That happened more than once during the show. But at one point, Barry turned toward the audience and said, "I know. I can feel it." That was met with even louder cheers, of course.

Then Barry sat down to perform I Made It Through The Rain. It's not unusual for him to point out toward the audience during this song.

But tonight, he also gave us a thumbs up. Now, that was special!

"And so can you!"

I think I'm over my aversion to IMITTR. Barry has done his job!

Mandy was fantastic. It really does seem like the song means more to Barry every time he sings it.

This was a new pose for the ending of Mandy!

Everyone was shocked when Barry didn't do the medley tonight. It was like, what's wrong?! People were looking at each other and trying to figure why Barry was heading straight into his standard show ending. There was disappointment and there was concern for Barry. I even missed the bright starburst at the beginning of I Write The Songs because I was so shocked.

Barry performed IWTS, and then went into Copacabana. We were all thrown for a loop. It was the last night, we couldn't believe Barry making this kind of change on the last night of a very successful run.

But we all enjoyed IWTS. The audience sang along very loudly. There were a lot of smiles in the audience, and on the stage as well.

"Listen to the music!" Barry has some of the best poses for this part of the song.

Trying to decide if something had changed with the lighting for the end of IWTS. Or maybe it just looked different because I was sitting in a different location. I like this, too. It's not as bright as the other nights, but I still like the colors. And I like the way Barry is illuminated. It's different.

So, Barry sang Copa. He looked like he was having fun with us, tonight.

And then Barry did "his steps." I can't believe there are no heads in these shots! Yippee! I like the magenta/purple lighting.

Then they did the It's A Miracle reprise. And it was certainly appearing that the show was about to be over. Still, smiles all around. And "the miracle is you!" - twice!

Barry did his final goodbyes, waving to the audience and pausing to look around and soak in all the love. And then he left the stage.

But then Barry walked back out, and he was met with another deafening roar from the crowd. We knew he was going to do some sort of encore for us.

Barry sang Old Friends, a very nice rendition of it. It was very touching. That song always feels special.

"Here's to us..."

And Barry didn't stop there. Before the applause for Old Friends had even died down, we could hear the familiar keyboard notes of Forever And A Day.

Before he started singing, Barry commented that he very rarely performs this song. He said he would only perform it if he REALLY meant it. And then he said, "Tonight I REALLY mean it."

That song is such a special song. Barry wrote it for his fans. And when he sings, it always feels like he means it.

You wouldn't think that I would be able to take my eyes off Barry for even a single second. But the background graphic was so beautiful. And a beautiful Barry in front of it.

But my focus was back where it belonged in just a moment. Every line Barry sang felt like the total truth.

The feeling in the room was indescribable. There was so much love in that room.

After he finished the song, Barry blew us a big kiss and then left the stage again.

The curtain remained up. Barry's mic was standing there in the center of the stage. There was just something about it that looked so special standing there, but also something that felt sad, because Barry wasn't standing behind it. I was thinking about taking a photo of it, but by that time, Barry was walking back out on the stage.

He came out to blow some more kisses and wave a few more times.

I thought it was interesting, though, that Barry stopped to straighten the mic stand before he walked to the back of the stage.

Anyway, he did walk to back of the stage. There was a beautiful graphic behind him. Glowsticks in front. Just perfect for Barry. Sorry it's blurry - but at that point I really wasn't paying attention to anything except those final moments of Barry on stage.

And then Barry threw us one more giant kiss, and flashed that beautiful grin at us as the curtain started to come down. This shot is even more blurry, because I was totally worthless at that point. But I don't care - it's still a beautiful memory.

I don't think anyone minded missing out on the medley. We got something very, very special instead.

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