Show Notes - February 14, 2020 - Westgate Las Vegas

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Fabulous show for Valentine's Day!

Right at the beginning of the show, there were loud popping sounds. Definitely something electrical, kind of like an electrical arc. Barry looked startled, but continued performing. A few lines into the song, he muttered, "oh, boy!". But we didn't burn down, so it was all good. Unless there was some damage that we don't know about. The popping sounds continued through the song, but eventually stopped. It was a little unnerving for a bit. But then, I was in the PNC flood - and I was standing in rushing water above my knees, and I remember seeing the firemen pull the panels back where you could see what kind of equipment was under the stage and you became aware of where that rushing water was running. Kind of made an impact that hasn't been forgotten.

But making us forget the outside world, even when it's inside, is one of Barry's strong points.

Early in the show Barry mentioned that it was Valentine's Day. He said that if anyone in the audience didn't have a Valentine, he would be our Valentine. There were a lot of cheers. Apparently a lot of us are without a Valentine!

Tonight's show was back to Barry's typical "power" performances.

Looks Like We Made It was expressive and felt sincere. Still not "overly" anything. What I mean is that sometimes it feels like he's teasing, and sometimes it feels like he's over her, and sometimes it feels like he's NOT over her. Tonight's performance could be taken anyway you wanted it, I guess. Personally, I like it when Barry guides me a little - I like to go where he is in a song. But I think most people like to think back on their own experiences, and reminisce. This way, it's really all about the music, not about the lyrics.

Either way it was a great performance.

Loved the ending because it looked like you could see him smiling.

Seriously?! People are throwing glow sticks up on the stage? Not once, but twice during the show. No one was hit, but they could have been. How incredibly rude!

This One's For You was great. Again, not "overly". But solid, and expressive - you could tell Barry was singing "for" Grandpa. He slightly changed the lyrics there at the end of the song. Instead of singing, "I hope you can see" he sang "Can you see?". I've never heard him do that before. Kind of changes the tone. Actually what it does is make it feel just a bit more personal. It's a direct question now, not just a sentiment sent out in space. It was just something that caught my attention because it felt different.

Even Now was back in the show, and as powerful as ever. Barry poured his heart into it. Very powerful!

As Barry was walking toward the piano before the song started, he paused to wiggle his fingers at the piano, summoning it forth. Such a cute moment!

During Could It Be Magic, I saw something I don't recall seeing before. It was right after he did the second "feel the wonder" bit. After that, he made a sweeping motion with his arm toward the audience as he sang the rest of the chorus. It actually changed the tone of the chorus from raunchy to sweet. But I kind of liked it.

I didn't even see the "feel the wonder" bit. I got caught up with the change and somehow "missed" the part that led up to it.

I did take a shot of the second set of BAMs. I was trying to improve on the photo with the backups that I got the night before. I botched that completely. But I did catch this. I like this! Barry looks fierce! I mean, in real life I don't think I would find that romantic. I think it would scare me half to death, and I would be like, "oh, no - you're NOT!" Ha! But on stage, I think it looks great!

I think I failed to mention it last time, but Barry has added a bit where he talks about the artists that are retiring. Then he says he isn't going anywhere. The audience cheered loudly tonight. I hope it's true.

Barry's joke about Chopin was even funnier tonight. No one behind me made a comment about the joke being cruel. But Barry said the line about Chopin decomposing, and then made a fake apology about it just slipping out of his mouth. That was funny.

They really rocked We Are Family tonight! And the audience sang along loudly. What fun! The audience was louder, the music was louder. And now the song is REALLY in my head!

And then Barry abruptly stopped and said, "That's enough family!" Ha! Then he praised his band for being able to stop on a dime when they had no idea when he would stop it. We know he has an awesome band. If you pay any attention at all, you have to be impressed.

No songs from the new CD. In fact, only a very brief mention of it between Mandy and I Write The Songs. I barely caught this photo. In fact, I would not have if I hadn't been preparing for the starburst at the beginning of IWTS. But all of the audience got a free CD.

I Made It Through The Rain was a roller coaster ride for me tonight. One minute I was depressed, and the next minute I felt better, and then next minute I was depressed again! Barry did a great job, though. He was very expressive, even throwing a kiss out to the audience once.

What a great smile!

Well, one more show. Kind of fitting that it ends on my 450th show.

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