Show Notes - September 26, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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It was a great show. The audience seemed to love Barry. He seemed to love the audience. He seemed happy. It was an upbeat show.

I sat front row again and didnít freak out. Not that Iíll be doing that often. But I do have a couple of front row seats coming up. I wore my fancy duds for Barry. Those are the last of my fancy duds so heíll be subjected to KISS T-shirts from this point forward. Ha!

As I said, Barry seemed to be in a great mood. He was lively, running from one side of the stage to the other. He was actually that way all night. He really didnít slow down to even linger in one spot for very long. So there werenít many of those connecting moments. The show was fast paced.

I kind of enjoyed seeing Looks Like We Made It from the front row. There werenít many moments where Barry looked out into the audience and seem to connect with people. There might of been just a tiny bit of the teasing glances, but not a lot. It was a straight performance of the song, true to the lyrics.

Barry seemed pretty serious with the sexy part of the song.

Now hereís an advantage to sitting where I did. No heads in the way. In the spotlight takes on a completely different look.

This is what I mean about the spotlights taking on a different look. This is kind of attractive. Although the amount of fog is still a little disruptive to viewing, at least when youíre close to the stage. It might be fine farther back.

When Barry performed This Oneís For You tonight, I saw another example of how he can make the song feel different each night. This time when he was singing the lyrics, he turned his face toward the audience, and then delivered a line of the lyrics by speaking it rather than singing it. It was actually very nice. And it did give a different feeling to the song.

And, wow! What emotion he put into the song!

Barry was very cute as he was telling everyone to put on their 3-D glasses.

I still like those clouds behind him when Barry reappears after the 3-D segment.

Here Barry is conducting the audience - this is where we sing On Broadway with him. Just those words. Not the entire song.

I love those colors behind Barry.

Really beautiful lighting for the last part of On Broadway, with the way that the spotlights form a triangle, with the buildings and traffic in the middle of the triangle.

Even Now didnít really have any extremes tonight. It wasnít super sad. It was more melancholy. But there were moments when it wasnít even that. There were moments when it was just as if Barry were telling a story. It wasnít super emotional. Although once in a while Barry did get an emotional expression on his face.

Halfway through the second verse Barry has begun acting out the song rather than just singing. He starts at the piano and then stands. And the emotional parts, such as when he used to slam his hand on the piano, those are performed while heís still behind the piano.

The spotlights really kind of wiped out our view of Barry during final notes of Even Now, but they gave us a good shadow man pose.

The colors for Letís Hang On weíre really vibrant tonight.

I donít think Iíve ever seen this lighting before during Letís Hang On. Itís only there for a moment before it switches to all green lighting. I really like the green lighting. But these rainbow spotlights are kind of cool.

This song is full of transitions from one color to another. Actually there are several songs now in the show where there are rapid transitions between colors during one song, but I think this was the first. These transitions happen quickly. In fact, these happened so quickly during this song, I haven't even been aware some of these were happening. This is an example. These two shots were taken in burst mode. So, the camera is taking shots with just a fraction of a second between the shots. We jump from red to blue in just the blink of an eye.

And again the mic stand portion is over exposed. I even took the time to set the exposure compensation to reduce as much light as I could. And I still got this.

But this part I got right. These colors are so awesome.

And then the green, only a second later. Also awesome.

I know I have a lot of these shots, but the angle tonight was different. I thought it looked great with the moon appearing to be so close to Barry.

Plus, Barry really got into this portion of the song tonight.

I had to laugh when I saw this shot. When I first looked at it on my computer I thought, wow, theyíve added stars. This looks just like a deep space photo that you would find on a NASA website, with billions and billions of stars in the background. Then I realized my laptop screen is dirty. Ha.! But it still looks cool, anyway - like there are billions and billions of stars behind Barry.

I havenít been able to get any of these shots lately. Barry doesnít "turn the light out" anymore - now he just does this pose. But it seems like someone always jumps up in front of me and I miss the shot. This time I got the series of three and they turned out really well. I love these.

I will never stop loving these shots of Barry during the commercial segment. Especially the ones with his arms folded.

Could It Be Magic was as upbeat as ever tonight. Barry certainly seemed to be having fun with this song.

Iím not sure if something has changed, but the lighting surrounding the backups seems more spectacular than ever.

Throwing back the coat tails... I didnít even know I had captured this. I was just trying to get the camera in focus, because everything moves so quickly itís hard to do sometimes. And I managed to catch this. Yes, grabs your attention.

Still didnít quite get the BAMs in focus. But who can blame me after the coat tails thing.

I still like green the best of all of the colors that they flash during the BAMs. I guess itís the contrast between the purple and the green that I like.

This has to be because of where I was sitting. Usually this moment during CIBM is so bright, Barry is washed out almost completely. But from this angle, it was still a sea of color, but somehow Barry managed to stand out in the middle of it.

The extra BAMs tonight were extra funny. First, we got the BAMs...

Then we got Barry giving us one of his cute expressions...

Then we got a little kick...

And then we got, "Ow!"

It seems to me that something mustíve changed a little with the lighting for I Made It Through The Rain. When Barry sings the line about the sun appears, it seems to me that in the past the change in lighting happens pretty quickly. But this has been slow. I was wanting to get a shot of Barry as the lighting changed from a single bright white spot light to the more colorful background. I actually had to sit there and wait as the lighting slowly changed, with a hint of the red background on the video screen showing up, and then the golden spotlights start shining down. Kind of like the sunrise, when the sun finally appears. So, it fits the song perfectly. And this is what I managed to capture.

The song still isnít reaching me. I know why. I know exactly why. Unfortunately, I donít think that situation will change. So, unless I can find a way to view the song differently, itís probably not going to reach me.

But that has nothing to do with how well Barry performs it. He always performs the song well.

This seems different, too. But this just might be that I was sitting center, and looking up slightly. Either way I think it looks great. And I love the way Barry has his fist clenched to his chest.

This is from the beginning of I Write The Songs. Itís just before the starburst disappears, and before the blue lighting surrounds Barry.

I love those lights behind Barry.

I love these lights, too, along with the rings on the floor.

This really does look like a sea of color.

And this is were Barry moved, allowing a spotlight to shine right into my camera. Ha! It took five more shots before my camera regained it senses and was able to shoot again.

Barry was extra cute tonight during Copacabana.

He gave us a silly little dance.

This is the first time Iíve taken a picture of Barry as he goes up the stairs

One of the final shots of Barry for the night.

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