Show Notes - June 14, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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Wow! What a fantastic show! I always love Barry's shows, but it's been a while since I left the theater floating on a cloud.

Big lighting change tonight. Actually, it frightened me a little as the show opened. Even though the spotlight hit Barry, it DIDN'T!

They did eventually get things adjusted, but it took a while. I did notice a guy (or maybe gal, I could just see a silhouette) up above keeping the spotlight on Barry - first time I've noticed it at these shows. The movement got my attention. I watched for a while, it's a challenge to keep the spotlight on Barry! He's all over place! Ha!

The lighting proved to be a challenge for me, too. I have a LOT of messed up photos! I think I'll just hide those.


This audience was even louder. But again, very respectful.

Looks Like We Made It knocked my socks off tonight. We got the teasing Barry. Oh, there were the true-to-the-lyrics interpretations, but there was lots of teasing, too. Oooh, the look in his eyes as he shot those teasing glances our way... Yes, he's STILL got it!

So much fun! And you can tell he enjoys it when he gets the audience worked up. There was a gleam in his eye.

I even took a few photos of the sexy part. I haven't done that in a while.

I loved this song! I was already floating by the time this song was over.

Barry seemed so happy during this show. You know how sometimes people will say that a smile can light up a room? Well, the sparkle in Barry's eyes lit up the room! We had no idea at the time why he was so happy, but he obviously was.

Barry made a tiny change to the way he performs Brooklyn Blues. Typically he walks to the right side of the stage for some of the choreography. But tonight he came back to center stage. Works for me! And I caught one of his super cute expressions.

This One's For You had a couple of different tones. At first, I didn't feel the sadder tones that I've been feeling in Barry's performances. The tone at the beginning felt more like Barry was telling a story. It didn't feel as personal as if he were talking to Grandpa, but yet it was clear that he was talking to "someone." Okay, now that I say that - it could have been taken a talking to Grandpa, but Grandpa isn't there to hear him, so Barry's kind of talking out loud instead.

The last part of the song had a completely different tone. There was a ton of emotion. It definitely felt as if Barry were singing to someone, and it definitely felt as if Barry were trying as hard as he could to get the message through. It was incredible. I can't imagine that message not being able to transcend almost anything.

This Is My Town was fun tonight. There were lots of Barry smiles. And he really put life into the song. He really sold the song with the way he was interpreting the lyrics, acting them out. So much fun to watch.

And they got the yellow spotlights right this time! I had to grin.

Add Even Now to the list of incredible songs. I was completely pulled into the song. It wasn't that the song was so emotional. It was a good solid performance. Barry was doing a great job of communicating the lyrics. But starting at the second verse, things began to change. It still wasn't extremely emotional, but the way Barry was selling it, the facial expressions and the gestures - those were extremely effective. I could tell the song was building into something special.

And the rest of the song really was special. The word "communication" doesn't effectively communicate what Barry was doing! He was connecting, really connecting. He was really projecting out into the audience. It was amazing. Sometimes in the big ballads, Barry doesn't really focus on the audience - he appears to working really hard on the song, but he doesn't actually look around the audience or focus on the audience. Barry was working really hard on the song tonight, but he still managed to look out and focus on the audience at times. He managed to make it feel personal at times. He took it the extra step. That was so awesome. There are moments that were so poignant, they're just sticking in my mind. Like that moment when he comes to the front of the stage and sings that line, "God, I wish you knew" - he usually has his fist clenched and his eyes closed. But tonight he actually looked at into the audience with such a pained expression - just WOW! Such an incredible performer.

Barry got some huge ovations tonight. And, of course, Even Now was one of them - as was Weekend In New England.

Barry gave us a great performance of WINE. This one was more serious. Even when people yelled out, Barry only briefly paused before continuing with the song. Lots of passionate moments.

Then we got a big announcement!

Barry announced that his dream was coming true - his musical, Harmony, is going to be in New York next year. He gave a talk on what Harmony is about. And then blessed us with a couple of songs from the musical.

He explained that he had recorded background vocals for each part of the Comedian Harmonists, and that we would hear those as he was performing the title song, Harmony. That was such a delight to see that again.

Barry was very animated, frequently acting out the different parts. Just adorable facial expressions. And best of all, his eyes were sparkling like diamonds as he performed the song.

Barry even conducted a little for us.

And Barry didn't just stop there. In addition, he sang Every Single Day for us.

I had really forgotten how this song makes me feel. Barry was always so good at connecting with the audience during this song. I think what I saw tonight was far better than anything I remembered. He can wrap me around his little finger with that song.

Barry's eyes sparkled during this song, too. As in the past, he put so much emotion into it. No one else will ever be able to sing this song the way that he does. I saw Harmony 5 times in Atlanta. By the last couple of shows, the lead actor was doing an excellent job with the song. But it still never came close to what Barry can do with it.

An amazing performance of an amazing song. I still haven't managed to recover from it.

Needless to say, Barry skipped the commercial segment. From the Harmony segment, he went right into Could It Be Magic. Based on the smile on Barry's face throughout the song, I think he could tell that his previous announcement still had everyone excited.

I really enjoyed I Made It Through The Rain tonight. I know I've been struggling with that song, with those lyrics. But Barry made me believe tonight. And maybe it had something to do with him, too. The line that keeps sticking out in my mind is "until your time arrives." And then I started thinking about Barry and Harmony - it's looking like his time has finally arrived. And Barry did a fantastic job of connecting with the audience. Everything just seemed to come together to make me feel the way the song used to make me feel.

This was really a special show. Seems that every time that life is getting so hard I start to question if anything is worth it anymore, the desire to see Barry pulls me out of my hole one more time, and then I get here and experience something like this, something that makes me question why I would ever even consider giving this up. There's no one else that can do this. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - he's one of a kind.

I had to laugh, because right after I wrote those sentences about wanting to give up sometimes, I came across this photo. "And so can you!" Yep, that's what Barry tells us!

I couldn't get the camera adjusted in time to zoom in for Barry's appearances at the top of the stairs. Tonight was the blue jacket. Barry frequently makes faces at the band when he appears. So funny!

One last shot before Barry left the stage. And one more show. It feels kind of sad. I know he's coming back in the fall. I'm know he's going to be on Broadway, for those that can make it. But I guess any kind of break feels sad.

But, still one more night ahead to have fun with him.

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