Show Notes - June 13, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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This show was a good start to the "Barry's Birthday" run of shows.

The audience was loud and approving. And they were respectful. Pretty great audience.

During It's A Miracle, there has been a brief segue into Dancin' In The Streets. Barry has been doing that for a few weeks now. But Dance To The Music is also included in that bit. The backups, of course, come forward and are dancing behind Barry. And the fireworks are going off on the screen behind them. Colorful moment.

The new piece of stage equipment I mentioned last week does appear to be a spotlight, or some sort of lighting device. I was sitting over to side a little and I could see it a little better. I'm always curious about things like that. While it appeared last week that the lighting improved, that wasn't the case tonight.

Barry started off Looks Like We Made It in an interesting way. He started the song off with his hand in his pocket.

He didn't do the typical expressions and mannerisms during that first verse. Usually you see some degree of playfulness or teasing. But tonight he looked sad, he looked disappointed - like maybe disappointed that he had an encountered her again. Or maybe not disappointed. Maybe just the sadness that goes along with being reminded of the loss. Almost no gestures as he sang the part about "do you love him..." Only a little sideways glance as he sang the next line, "as much as I love her." He kept his hand in his pocket the entire time. But you know what? In terms of conveying the lyrics of the song, it worked.

I loved seeing the hand in the pocket, but I was also kind of missing the sexy eyes part... But then I saw the lyrics coming to life, and I actually liked it that way. As much as I like the teasing way he performs the song, starting the song off this way really set the tone. It was a more subdued performance, but it also felt true to the lyrics.

Of course, Barry did the sexy part at the end, and the audience loved it.

As I said, I was sitting a little farther over to the side than I normally do. Most of the night felt atypical. I'm not entirely sure if Barry's performances were actually different, or if it were just a case of feeling a little more disconnected from the performances because I was sitting outside of that cone of Barry's projection, if you will. So, I wasn't feeling the performances as much as I normally do. I felt more like a spectator, instead of being able to be immersed in the song.

So, the backups have been doing this during Brooklyn Blues. It's a brief moment toward the end of the song. I noticed this for the first time only a short while ago. I've been meaning to try to capture this, but I kept forgetting. The backups, and some of the band, do a lot of things in the background that enhance the performances. It adds to the show. I know it's hard to take your eyes off Barry, and especially hard if you rarely see the show, but they do add much more to the show than just the background music and vocals.

Even Now had the same tone that I've been seeing lately. Sometimes I wonder if I'm projecting my own feelings when I say what tonea song has on a particular night. But last night a friend commented on her take on this song, and she came away with the same feelings. So, it's not just me! She said that Barry's performance really made it feel as if "it's not over." So, that was the tone for the night.

Now, although the spot I was sitting in left me feeling a little outside of the performances, for the ballads at the piano, this was a straight on view to Barry's face. And that's pretty awesome. But the lighting, especially during the ballads... It was pretty bad. I don't know if it had something to do with where I was sitting, or if the lighting was just "off" last night. But my friend was sitting 3rd row center, and she said it was bad, too. I did pick the camera up once to see if I could get a decent shot - I couldn't. There were far too many shadows and bright spots on his face - you really could barely see his face - couldn't see his eyes at all. I've seen that happen a few times in arena shows, but never in a venue like this. Odd.

This example is from Weekend In New England. And it's a very mild example of what I was seeing. During other songs his face actually looked splotchy because of the amount of bright and dark mingled on his face. So, is this just the view from where I'm sitting, or a lighting problem? I truly don't know.

Ok, I know this should not drive me crazy... But it drives me CRAZY! I've mentioned the spot during This Is My Town where the blue spotlights are shining down on Barry, and then another set of yellow spotlights shine down briefly on the downbeat. It looks great when the yellow spotlights coincide with the beat. And they've almost never done it perfectly. Does a human actually make that happen? I don't know. But lately, it's been driving me nuts that the lights don't appear when they should. Sometimes the first set of lights will match up with the beat, but then the second almost never does. Sometimes neither set of lights matches up with the music. And sometimes one, or even both, of the spotlights are missing - as was the case at this show, where the second set of lights didn't happen at all. I know that shouldn't bother me, I shouldn't even be looking at the lights, I should be looking at Barry. But it's just one of those things, like fingernails across a chalk board. I can't help it! LOL

This is probably the best shot I've ever managed to capture during this moment of the commercials segment. Barry looks kind of stern here, but I still love the image.

Needless to say, I took almost no photos again. But I did take this shot. I love this part of the show. It's exciting - the audience reacts so well to it, and the energy level is so high.

Someone came back from platinum recently and reported that Barry said he had considered toning down these parts of the show. Well, I say it's his show, and he needs to do what he's comfortable with. But I also say that the audience loves it. I love it - not because it's racy or anything like that. But because, like I said, it's high energy, it generate audience excitement, it generates smiles. It looks like the performers are having fun. And maybe others view it differently - I'm sure there are a lot of different viewpoints on it. Would I be sad if it were removed from the show? No, but I do think I would miss it at times. I like the elements of the show that are fun. And I like the elements of the show where it looks like the performers are having fun.

The Jacket Of Many Colors. I love this jacket.

Barry was looking down at Kye as if he were thinking of what he was going to say when he walked down the stairs.

I couldn't tell what Barry actually did say, but right after he said it, he turned and gave a cheesy grin to the audience. And that cracked me up, too!

I wondered if the view of the bridge would be any different tonight. Not much, but a little. The spotlights were just as bright. But the lighting on the different areas of the bridge was neat looking.

Bad picture, I know. Like I said, still had the bright spotlights to contend with. But you can see Barry's expression as he looks down at the people below him. It's cute.

Barry commented that these were the last shows before they take a long break from Vegas after this run of shows. Then he said that they would be back in October.

Uhmmm... Wait, what?! October?!

Well, I hope he mispoke since I have plans to spend a very special evening there in September! I mean, I guess if September has been removed from the calendar, then I don't have to worry about turning 61. But I think I'd prefer to turn 61 and spend time with a cute singer!

I like this part of the show, too. Well, kind of... I don't like that Barry is about to go away. But I like the choice of colors, and I like the way the backups motion Barry toward us. And I like the different expressions and mannerisms Barry has during these moments.

Nice smile as Barry waved goodbye to us.

Looking forward to tonight's show.

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