Show Notes - June 8, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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This was the loudest audience of the week. It was almost deafening after Barry finished It's A Miracle.

Looks Like We Made It was great. It was a different type of performance from the night before. I've struggled to describe what felt different, but without adequate musical knowledge, I can't. So, the best I can say is that it felt as if Barry had slowed the song down, as if he were hesitating as he sang the lyrics. The music felt the same. But there was something about the way Barry was singing the lyrics that felt different. Anyway, there were some really great moments. Barry had the audience going.

This One's For You was another emotional performance. Barry sang these lyrics differently, too. At the spot where he sings, "I sing for you," he sang that line very emphatically. He even used his head to emphasize the line.

And then this portion felt very emotional.

Barry did a great job with Even Now. He tugged at our hearts even as he started the song.

The ending of the song was powerful again. The audience was giving him an ovation, but he seemed to cut it a bit short. I don't think we were done adoring him yet.

Weekend In New England was BIG tonight. The sound was big. I don't normally notice that. Come to think of it, I don't normally notice that with any song. Sometimes Barry's performance is big. And sometimes the music swells and builds. But tonight it felt as if the music and Barry were really one. It felt as if they were building on each other. As Barry got more passionate, the music got bigger - and as the music would build, Barry would get more passionate. Great moment during the show.

I decided to play with my phone camera during a few songs. I don't know, it just felt like a challenge. I was curious. Actually, it didn't badly on the wide shots. On close-ups, the coloring on Barry's face didn't look very natural. But the wide shots weren't bad.

There was an interesting moment during I Made It Through The Rain. Maybe not so much interesting - it's just that it's not something you typically see. Barry was walking toward one side of the stage as he sang, that's how he's been performing the song lately. And then in between lines of the song, he looked out at the audience and very softly said, "Pretty." Then he continued with the song. I assume he was referring to the glow sticks, I'm not sure, though.

When Barry walked down the stairs after he appeared in his Copa jacket, he took the last step a little gingerly, then turned to Kye and said something. Kye cracked up. I'm pretty sure I read Barry's lips, but I won't say what I think he said. But I was cracking up, too.

Another great show. Looking forward to the next.

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