Show Notes - June 7, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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Tonight was a fantastic show!

They were still filming tonight. Still no clue what they're filming for.

There was a new type of stage equipment tonight. No idea what that thing was either. I tried to Google (because I'm a curious type person), but still don't know what it does. I kept looking for Barry's "mark -I donít know why I look for that since I know exactly where heís going to stand - but, for some reason, I always look for it. I couldn't see it because of this piece of equipment. And for some reason that bothered. What the heck?!

Oh, well - I'm sure by tonight I'll be ignoring it just like I do the rest of the equipment on the stage.

But Barry looked happy to see us!

The first thing I noticed tonight (well, other than that thingamajig on the stage) is that we could clearly see Barryís eyes. That has been lacking in some of the shows this year. I donít know if there was a change in the lighting, or if the lighting even had anything to do with it. But there was a definite improvement in the ability to see Barryís eyes.

I know that doesnít mean a lot if youíre sitting farther back. From my experience you tend to lose the ability to see Barry's eyes clearly starting at about the fifth row. Barry has a lot of techniques to sell a song - he has these great facial expressions that convey what the tone of his songs are going to be, he uses gestures, etc... Heís a great actor and a great performer, and he uses all of these different things to sell the songs. But one of the things that hooked me years ago is the fact that he also uses his eyes to tell the story of the song. Some performers are really great at using gestures and facial expressions to show us whatís going on in the song, but if you can see their eyes, sometimes the eyes are telling a different story. Sometimes thereís no emotion at all in the eyes. But with Barry, his eyes not only show the feeling of the song, but they actually enhance the feeling of the song. If itís a sad song, his eyes are going to look extremely sad. If itís a happy song, his eyes are going to sparkle.

So Iíve come to rely on Barryís eyes to tell me what to feel. The stance, the facial expression, the lighting, all of those things convey the meaning of the performance. But when you can see Barry's eyes, and see the pain, or the regret, or the joy, or whatever emotion is appropriate for the song, then thatís like an extra piece that turns the song into magic. At least, it does for me.

All that said, Looks Like We Made It felt a little extra special tonight.. Of all the different ways that Barry can perform this song, this is probably probably my favorite type of performance. Barry gave us a variety of emotions in the song. If you really think about the lyrics, that fits. The song isnít as much about the final outcome as it is the journey. So, Barry gave us a mixture of being happy to see the old love, and feeling the emotions of the old love, and regretting the lost love, and reliving the memories, and even gave us a few playful moments, too. We often talk of Barry's shows taking us on an emotional roller coaster. Well, this single song did just that. And I love that. One minute he was breaking your heart and the next minute he was giving you a little thrill, with a playful glance or more.

This Oneís For You is another example of a song than can be an emotional roller coaster, and also an example of how the eyes can make a difference. This was a great performance, by the way.

As Barry took us through the song, we got to see the sadness, even to the point of a few tears. But at the same time, there was also a slight smile.

Then we got to see a serious expression as he delivered the line "I sing for you.""

And then we got to see pain.Ev

I love the spotlights behind Barry at this point in the song. They seem to go great with the red jacket. (Sorry for the head in the way.)

I saw a lot of smiles from Barry as he performed This Is My Town. Barry was showing as much excitement and passion when singing this song tonight as he did when he first started singing it. Lots of smiles. I love seeing him perform like this.

A different sort of expression, I know. But this is one of his typical expressions when he performs TIMT. It fits perfectly with the lyrics in this part of the song.

Barry gave us a stormy look to match the stormy clouds.

I really do like this part of the show. I don't use the 3D glasses - for thing, I would have to tie them to my head to make them stay on. But, also, I just enjoy watching the video the way it can be seen through your own eyes. I love the cute part where Barry says he bets we don't know he can fly, and then the way he runs toward the back of the stage like Superman about to take flight. And I like when Barry reappears after the segment is over, everything from pretending to have motion sickness to the way he runs to the front of the stage and delivers a big finish. It's a very entertaining portion of the show.

I took a series of shots as that final note progressed. There are interesting things going on in the background, and Barry changes his pose during that final note, as well. (sorry, again, I didn't have a clear view most of the night)

And have you ever noticed that the bridge starts out below Barry and ends up above him?

Even Now was fantastic. I don't think I've seen Barry perform the song quite like this before. It was emotional from the start.

I don't think I've seen him turn toward the audience this way before. I have a series of shots showing the progression of emotion as he sang - they're all overexposed, I had to use Photoshop to adjust this time - so I can't really illustrate what I'm talking about. But it was a very clear progression as the emotions got stronger. It could rip your heart out!

I didn't take any photos at the end. The ending was powerful. The moments when Barry was reaching toward the sky were very emotional. That final note was another one that shook the rafters. Really a fantastic performance.

Weekend In New England was great. And Barry got a really big ovation for that song. He got one for Even Now, too - but this one was bigger. He blew us a kiss to thank us for the ovation.

The commercial segment was fun, again. That's become one of my favorite parts of the show.

Still like the part when he's talking about his first album, and pokes fun at the way he looked. Sorry, I thought that guy was adorable back then. Haven't changed my mind!

Barry seemed very caught up in the opening music of Could It Be Magic during the commercial segment. He looks so intense, so serious. But, I love it. He's into his music.

And Barry told us the camel joke... If you've been around for a while, you've heard the camel joke. He said someone talked him into telling the joke. When he first said he was going to tell a joke, I got my camera ready. And when he started off about the priest and the nun, I started taking photos, because I knew what was coming. Ha!

Barry's expressions are wonderful.

Especially when he delivered the punch line.

Barry won me over again with I Made It Through The Rain. I'm not saying I see it as a song of hope, because that's not in my vocabulary right now. But Barry did make me feel good with his performance.

I love these colors at the end of I Write The Songs!

I like I like the blue lights best at the end of Copa. But I really do like the visual at the final moment.

I haven't been having good luck with getting photos of the very end of the show lately. But this is a cute smile.

One more show this run. I'll bet it's even better than the one tonight - Barry just has a way of doing that!

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