Show Notes - June 6, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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This was a great show.

When we walked in, there was a sign saying that they would be filming. No idea what it was being filmed for.

Had a funny non-Barry moment as I entered the show room. One of the ushers, Maria, chased me down and said, "We donít have any seats for you!" Iíve known Maria since this was the Hilton. So I immediately knew that it was a joke. The lady that they referred to as "boss" didnít know it was a joke, though. She looked totally shocked. Then she saw my and Maria's faces and realized it was a joke. But it shook her up a little. One of the other ushers laughed and said that we just scared the boss to death. LOL

It looks like they've changed the lighting again. There were times when things seemed different. Lights that I have never noticed before, things like that. Even something about the fireworks looked different. But the main thing I noticed was that I had to adjust my camera down to the point where I was on my last setting as far as being able to reduce the amount of light entering the camera. Well that makes it much easier to take photos, and even to see Barry on stage, but it also looks as if Barry had a hard time opening his eyes because of the bright lights.

But not always... This is a cute one from Daybreak.

I rarely take photos during Barryís monologues and song introductions. But I do miss some great expressions by not doing that. These shots are from Brooklyn Blues. If Iím remembering correctly, this is the part where Barry talks about needing to get grounded and so he goes back home to Brooklyn.

The ending of Even Now tonight was really powerful. I mean really powerful. Shaking the rafters! Pretty awesome!

There was another funny moment tonight, this time during the show. I think this was as Barry was starting to do his intro to Letís Hang On. When he walked to the side of the stage, you could see that his hair was being blown. He asked if someone would "please move the fan."" And then he said, "My hair! Itís half my career!!" LOL No, no - his hair is awesome, but... His EYES are half his career! LOL Actually, we love everything him about him and everything he does!

This view is as Berry walks back to the front of the stage after the 3D segment. I love the way it looks, the clouds are so dramatic, and the image of Barry rushing toward us with nothing but clouds in the background is dramatic. When he first appears, he's so mall - because this stage is huge. The clouds are kind of angry looking, and then Barry is right in the middle of it. I love the visual. He actually does "rush" - he's not running, but it's a very rapid walk - fast enough to create a wind that blows his hair back.

Looks like everyone is taking pictures of Barry! LOL

I don't think I've seen the green spotlights remain while Barry is giving kudos to his backups at the end of Let's Hang On. I think it looks cool.

I finally managed to get this shot from CIBM with Barry's eyes open. LOL

This is what I meant when I said that the lighting seemed to be different at times. I donít remember this beautiful royal blue as being at this spot in the show. Maybe I just missed it before. Whatever, I love this shade of blue.

I love this pose, too. Too bad the shot is messed up by the head in the way. Still, I love that expression on Barryís face.

And more of what appears to be different lighting. This spot is where the lights have always been bright white. The performers were flooded with bright white lights. I never really cared for it because it washed the performers out completely. But these blue lights I love. Not sure if this is a change, or a transition that I've been missing.

There were definitely transitions in the lighting that I've not seen before. I think one of the spots was at the end of I Made It Through The Rain - it was a ballad, anyway. The spotlights behind Barry cycled through a series of colors as he finished the song. Some of the colors were kind of bland, but others were striking, especially the contrast that was created between Barry and the lighting.

Barry did a great performance of Mandy. He looks completely into the song at this moment.

I still love when he appears to be so immersed in the music. I actually saw several instances of this during Mandy tonight.

When Barry does the band introductions, itís really hard to get decent photos because of the constantly moving spotlights. They're very beautiful. The shade of blue, and even the movement, is really visually stunning. But it also pretty much hides the band from view. I got really lucky tonight and managed to catch Stan between the spotlights.

Pink jacket tonight for Copa. This is one of my favorites. I like the gold detail on the lapels of the jacket.

Still loving this jacket, too. And actually loving the cute expression. I did not realize until recently there are two white jackets. Both look awesome.

Another fun show.

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