Show Notes - May 25, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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The last night. Thatís always bittersweet, no matter how many shows youíve seen, or how many you still have in front of you. I donít know anyone who doesn't feel a tiny bit of sadness when itís the last show. But at least Iím still here for the last show, since I came very close to being called back home this week.

Barry bounced onto the stage again. Heís so cute when he does that. Hopefully at some future show he'll do that, and I'll be ready to catch a photo of it. I won't be able to capture the actual bounce, but I can catch the shadow image there and remember what he was doing. I had a limited view tonight, though, so couldn't try to get it this time. Maybe next time I'm here he will still be as happy to see us.

Looks Like We Made It was somewhere between "itís time to slit your wrists" and "nah, I'm not the least bit sad." Ha! Barry wasnít playful, but he was expressive. There was a slight melancholy air to the song, but not quite "sad". I was feeling the melancholy in my heart as Barry sang.

The poignant facial expressions Barry was using were great. I recall the moment I saw this expression - it tugged at my heart.

There were other expressions, like this one, that conveyed other emotions. This one breaks your heart.

And this one.

And this, complete with tears in his eyes... I had tears in my heart.

This shot is extremely expressive and it very much illustrates the tone of Barry's performance tonight. You can see it in his eyes.

This Oneís For You also seemed to be a performance type that was right in the middle between the two major styles that Barry uses for this song. This one really didnít feel sad tonight. It did feel like Barry was communicating. It didnít specifically feel like it was for Grandpa, it felt a little more generic. But it did feel like Barry was singing to "a person", and it did feel intimate and personal. It was kind of special, at moments.

Even Now was a great performance. It was more on the sad side tonight. The song felt a little more distant, Barry seemed drawn into himself. Barry did occasionally use a glance toward the audience, or make a gesture to emphasize a lyric. There was a lot of emotion in his performance, but sad. It was a very powerful ending. One of the biggest Iíve seen in the last several months, at least.

Even though, overall, the song felt sad, the ending was so huge and powerful I felt more in awe than sad.

Barry received a big ovations again for Even Now and Weekend In New England. Those weren't the only songs that he got ovations for, but those were the biggest.

Barry pulled out some of his funniest stuff for the commercial segment tonight. Especially the Band-Aid song. He said he was going to play a little bit of it for us. And then started goofing around. He was acting like someone who was going in for an audition, and was very nervous about it. He looked down at the keyboard and pretended to be looking for the rights keys. He said, "Let me get ready." Then he hit a key or two, then said, "Am I ready?" Itís just cute when he does it. The audience was laughing so hard.

Still loving it when he crosses his arms like this and just sits there and talks to the audience. It feels so casual and so personal and intimate when he does that. Itís part of the act, but it doesnít feel like that - it feels genuine.

These are from when Barry was performing a little bit of the ballad version of Could It Be Magic. I love watching him do this, too.

Looks like Barry has dropped the double arm starburst thingy this time. (Don't you love it when I get technical?? Ha!) Instead he went back to the old way. He was a little bit early with the finger pointing this time, though, because we usually don't see baby Barry in the background.

The starburst wouldíve been really great, but.... Well, you see why itís not.

This is interesting! The shot is messed up because itís underexposed. But that really shows the detail on the Copa jacket!

And you can clearly see all the jewels on the jacket.

I guess that proves that sometimes things work out even when you mess them all up.

And sometimes when you mess up, you may not get what originally intended, but you get art. LOL! Makes me want to go home and create an art piece!

Last shot I got from the show.

Barry said that he would be here forever. I hope he was telling the truth. It sounds so hopeful. But I remember when he used to tell us that at the Hilton and Paris - and then we would be told that it was over.

At any rate, it was a great show.

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