Show Notes - May 24, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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Barry bounced onto the stage tonight. No, really - he was bouncing as he waited for the spotlight to shine on him. That has to make you smile.

Looks Like We Made It didn't fit into the depressing songs category tonight. It wasn't really playful, but had a lighter tone to it. Barry did a great job of acting it out.

I had a different angle for This One's For You. Funny how sitting just a few feet from one side to the other can change your perspective. Even the sound changes a little.

I really liked the view from this angle of the TOFY ending.

Let's Hang On was fun tonight. Barry wasn't silly, but he seemed to be having fun performing. He was a little more playful with the second verse of the song. That's always fun. I had a great angle for the mic stand bit, but too many heads in the way.

There was a different and funny moment during Weekend In New England tonight. People yelled out. It was loud audience, and so it was very loud when they yelled, "Right now!" At first, I didn't think Barry was going to acknowledge it at all. But then he did. The funny thing was that instead of the normal lines he uses for that moment, Barry looked at the audience with a shocked look on his face and said, "All of you?!?!" That was funny. It conjured up a mental image of Barry trying to touch everyone in the audience. That was even funnier. At any rate, it got a smile out of Barry.

Even Now was an emotional performance. Sad, but not too sad.

Barry got really big ovations for both Even Now and WINE. The audience loved him last night.

From an audience perspective, the sound is fantastic at these shows. Beautiful music. And you can hear Barry so clearly. It varies from night to night, but sometimes I can hear individual instruments. I enjoy that when it happens.

I wondered about something, though. Last night, when the introductory video began, I heard music - a light, melodic, twinkling type of music that fit in with the twinkling stars in the background. I loved it!. But I'd never noticed that before. So, tonight I was listening for it - and I didn't hear it. Trying to figure out if there was a sound difference between the two shows, or if the crowd was louder at the second show, drowning out the music. That's a curiosity.

Could It Be Magic was fun. Barry puts so much into that song. If I were trying to do what he's doing up there, I would collapse by the end of the song. Or possibly before the end of the song. But unless you watch really closely, you can't even tell if he's winded!

I don't think I've ever captured this expression before - but it's one of my favorites. Barry usually does this after one of the more sexy moves during CIBM. Love this cute expression.

Barry gave us another emotional version of Mandy.

I've always liked these shots where he's concentrating on his piano.

Barry didn't do the starburst bit exactly as he last night. Close. We still go the outstretched arms. And I think that looks great against the starburst in the background.

But last night, Barry did something similar to conducting. I describe it that way because there was something flowing and musical about the way he raised his arms last night - and the starburst exploded into view just as Barry's arms reached their final position. So, what we saw looked like Barry was producing the starburst effect with his arms. Super neat looking.

I think the word conducting came to mind because that's what Barry was doing during the sing-a-long portion of I Write The Songs tonight. He was really conducting - not just waving his arms in the air. I love when he does that. Still photos really can't capture it, but I keep trying.

I said that Barry hasn't really been in a silly mood on stage lately. But when he appeared in his Copa jacket, then came down the stairs and headed toward the audience, he was being cute and silly. I can't even begin to describe what he was doing. But it was cute, and it made you laugh. He was doing something with his arms...

Oh, my...

It looks like he was about to punch someone out!

Hey, I need a good dose of Manilow Magic! Not a punch in the nose! Whatever it was, I swear I didn't mean to do it!


I got another shot tonight of Barry up on the bridge. What a great smile!

Almost missed it, but I caught a bit of Barry waving at the people below the bridge. The bridge has a glass bottom (or plexiglass, or something that you can see through), so Barry can look down and see who's right under him.

I love this expression from the end of Copa. Several people now have told me they don't like it. Maybe he's still thinking about punching someone out, I don't know!

Seconds later he was smiling. So, all is good!

Really great show!

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