Show Notes - May 23, 2019 - Westgate Las Vegas

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I wasnít supposed to be here for this round of shows. It was a last minute thing. Friend had extra tickets. I have no willpower. Always a dangerous combination.

Barry seemed really happy when he took the stage tonight. A lot of smiles. The last time I was here he was a little more subdued. But not tonight!

During Daybreak tonight, Barry made a comment about the song being "happy." And it is.

After visiting the folks in the side stage seats, he made a comment about drinks, and said, "The more you drink, the better I sound!"

Hey, I don't drink, and I think he sounds awesome!

I finally got a sharp photo of this big red thing behind Barry. What is that? Is it a heart? And, if so, is that a flame coming out of the middle of the heart. Whatever it is, I think it looks cool.

Looks Like We Made It wins the Tearjerker of the Night Award. I mean, Even Now had a big effect on me, but not the same emotional effect. I actually wanted to cry during Barryís performance of LLWMI tonight.

That said, he didn't sing to the Exit sign tonight. Barry did a great job of singing to the audience instead of just performing - he's been very good at that throughout his career. That's one of the things that keeps me coming back. Barry has the ability to make it feel personal, it's not just a performance. I was talking to someone the other day who has never been very close - like maybe 10 rows back - and this person was talking about how she could feel his performance. Barry has a certain spark that none of the other performers (that I've seen, anyway) have.

I found myself concentrating on the Brooklyn Bridge during the next song. That's a special bridge. Not just because of Barry's background. It would still be special. The architectural design is interesting. The bridge is beautiful. It's also strong - when I look at it, I think of strength. I think of history. It's not just an inaniate objects - it feels like it has a life of its own.

At any rate, that's one of my favorite images of all of those that are used as backdrops during Barry's show.

I guess LLWMI really had a big effect on me, because the sad feeling carried over into This Oneís For You. This rendition did feel a little sad to me, did feel genuine in terms of the lyrics talking about missing someone who is gone. When Barry sells the song so well, you can't help but think of people that have left your life. When he sings that line about "it's all I can do," you can't help but feel the frustration and longing.

I love the way Barry closed his eyes as he listened to Grandpa Joe say, "Sing it!"

Even though this is a distant performance, because he's singing to Grandpa, there were still moments when Barry communicated more directly with the audience. The way he turns his head to the side, it feels like he's in conversation-mode with the audience. It feels like he's explaining what he's feeling to someone. Again, something he's really good at.

I like the way Barry has been ending this song lately. I like the way he reaches out. Kind of like heís reaching out toward Grandpa.

Thank goodness Barry separates these emotional ballads with update numbers, though!

This Is My Town was great. When Barry reappears on stage after the 3-D segment, the background morphs into clouds. Iíve always liked the way that looked. Although, the way they came out looking in this shot, it looks more like a Texas sky during spring storms. And that's scary.

This is the very ending of TIMT. I managed to catch some of the fireworks in the background. This almost looks like Barry is standing in the water.

The image of the piano sliding forward, bathed in that red light is really kind of awesome. I always watch that instead of Barry changing his jacket. I know - bad Dana! - and usually, there's lots of whooping and hollering as he changes - and then Barry says, "Wait 'til I take off my pants!" But typically, I opt to watch the piano. The lighting and the piano are a fantastic visual - and then in a moment, you get to watch Barry stroll over to the piano, bathed in the same red light. It's an image that sticks in my mind.

As Barry strolled over toward the piano tonight, he stopped, turned toward the audience, spread his arms out, and then did a silly little side-to-side dance. Loved it!

First, I want to say that Even Now was a fantastic performance. The song generated all kinds of feelings. Barry did an excellent job of projecting those emotions out into the audience.

The second thing I want to say is that I am definitely bringing the razor blades with me tomorrow night. This was the 3rd song of the night where he ripped my heart out!

This expression pretty much conveys the tone of the song.

A great ending. A powerful ending. I caught myself saying "Wow!"

Barry was back to playing around a little during Let's Hang On. Cute dance at the beginning. Cute expressions.

Tonight some movement caught my attention during Letís Hang On. I looked over to see that the horn section was doing a choreographed little dance. During the moments when they weren't actually playing their horns, they were all dancing. That was so cute!

People really yelled out during weekend in New England tonight. Very pause to give us one of his best looks.

I was sitting in the fourth row tonight. That actually does change your perspective, noticeably. So, I decided to take a few shots that I probably have more than enough of already - but there was something about it that seemed to look a little different. What I really like is that you can actually see how much passion Barry was putting into that moment, even though this is a distant shot. Thatís how passionate he was. The passion still comes through.

So, then I zoomed in a little. And this is cool, because the floor really does look like water. It looks like rolling waves underneath the piano. That is such a neat effect!

This is at the end of the song just as Barry is singing the final notes. The floor still looks like rolling waves!

Barry played around with the commercial segment the way he normally does. You never know what he will do. It's always fun, though.

Barry seems to be asking if we approve. Yes, Barry - we always approve!

Barry did a great job with I Made It Through The Rain. Iím just unreachable where that song is concerned right now. Barry did a really good job of communicating with the audience again.

Mandy made me feel sad, too. This version wasn't quite as passionate as some of the others. But there was plenty of feeling in the song.

So, Barry did this tonight instead of standing up with his arms outstretched at the end of Mandy. Nice, actually - with baby Barry in the background.

I guess that change should have tipped me off that something different was going to happen. But I didn't react.

And darn it! I missed a great moment!

Barry has done various poses during the starburst at the beginning of I Write The Songs. I've loved them all. But tonight he did the best one yet. Definitely the most dramatic, the most powerful. Definitely fits in perfectly with the starburst background.

But I missed it! And the most frustrating part is that I could see that something different was coming, but I just couldn't pull myself together in time to catch it. Aarrgghh! Hereís hoping that he will do that same thing again the next two nights. PLEASE!!!! (I'm not beyond begging!)

Finally, finally, finally! I finally found the right exposure for Barry's appearance at the top of the stairs. He wore the crazy-colored Copa jacket tonight. He even gave us a view from all sides. I love all of his Copa jackets, but this is one of my favorites.

This is the first time Iíve even been in a position to actually be able to see Barry a little bit during the part of COPA thatís up on the bridge.

Even caught a little bit of the final pose.

I do like the addition of the fireworks at the end. It makes the whole stage a little darker, but I still like the colors. And the fireworks seem to fit in well with the streamers and the end of It's A Miracle.

Great show.

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