Show Notes - October 6, 2018 - Westgate Las Vegas

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A fantastic show to end out the week. Barry put it all out there - song after song. And the crowd was responsive!

The ultimate Shadow Man!

Barry looked very excited to start the show!

And it really was a great show! Barry dug deep for every song. He continues to amaze me. There are artists out there that put on fantastic live shows. But Barry takes the craft to the next level. There's just no comparison!

Barry mentioned that David Siegel was in the audience. He must have been impressed, both by Barry's performance that night, as well as the audience response to Barry. I was impressed - and I've seen a lot of shows and listened to a lot of audiences!

I've decided that the interesting effect I was seeing in the background a few days ago must be during Daybreak. And finally tonight I recognized that I'm seeing clouds - moving clouds, wrapped in orange. It never looks exactly the same from night to night. I even sat in the same seat two nights in a row, and it still didn't look the same. But that must be what caught my attention and held it that night.

The red images during It's A Miracle still look like waves, but I'm not positive. They're dark - and the spotlights interfere with a clear view. Still, they're interesting.

At any rate, the first couple of songs of the show have lighting with a warm feel - kind of a glow.

Barry played with us during Looks Like We Made It. In fact, I think he might have been even a little more playful than he was at the previous show. This is such an interesting song. Or maybe it's not the song. Maybe it's Barry who's making things interesting - yeah, that's it. One minute he's getting the audience fired up, the next minute he's totally making us believe the breakup - and then a few seconds later, he's got the audience going again. I admit to having to hide behind my camera a couple of times when he was really playing with us. Ha!

But at the end, he's all business. Giving his all during a gigantic finish.

And tonight we got purple Shadow Man!

See? There are advantages to my hiding behind a camera! What can I say? Somedays I'm more introverted than others. I was reading up on one of Barry's upcoming Christmas shows - the venue states "no cameras" in the most strong terms I've ever seen - even to the point of people potentially being ejected for taking photos with their cell phones. Yikes! Gotta admit, I'm a little scared of that place now!

But the Westgate is awesome. No fear, not here!

The stage was a little hazy tonight. Well, a lot hazy. Not as bad as when the show first started at the Westgate - those early shows were pretty hazy. But there was a little too much tonight. There were times when it was somewhat difficult to see the performers. The spotlights seem to reflect off the haze, and that makes it hard. This shot from Brooklyn Blues is a good example. I usually try to edit the haze out of my photos, but I left it in on this one.

The blue light reflecting off the haze washes everything out. I've given up on catching a shot of Barry with the bridge in the background. In fact, it's been so hazy at the last several shows, I could barely see the bridge in the background. After Barry stands up to walk to the front of the stage, it's better. The brick buildings on the side show up pretty well. The ones in the background are still very hazy.

The Grandpa Joe segment will never get old. Barry is so cute when he's doing that. The civilians in the audience seem to love it. I think the fans do, too. I'm certainly not tired of it.

The performance of This One's For You seemed a little sad tonight. That's not a bad thing. It's just one of the moods that the song can take on. It depends on how Barry performs it. But the tone of the song changed when Barry walked forward to the front of the stage - it felt lighter. It really did feel like he was singing the song for Grandpa at that point. Another hazy shot here, but you can still see the expression on Barry's face as he looks upward.

Huge, emotional ending! Kind of like LLWMI - there seemed to be a range of emotions in the performance.

That seemed to be the way all of the ballads were performed. Except for Even Now - that one carried the same tone throughout. But the others seemed to vary in tone throughout the song - not enough to change the overall feeling, but just enough to make you feel different things as Barry performed.

Only person I've ever known who can look cute and cool at the same time...

This Is My Town was great, as always. Of the three nights, Barry seemed to be having the most fun tonight. Lots of smiles and adorable expressions. Lots of emphasis on the lyrics.

I've never noticed the album cover looking this large before. I didn't notice it with my own eyes. Maybe this is just a perspective thing with the camera. I like the way it looks, though.

I try to catch the flashes of yellow light that briefly shine down as emphasis for a portion of the song. But this time there was no flash of yellow light with that first beat. Barry hit the beat with his fist, as he always does - but no yellow flash.

I waited for the second flash and hit the shutter right on the beat. And there it was! The bright yellow spotlights in the middle of the blue spotlights...

I don't know if someone forgot to press a button. Or if they deliberately left out the first burst of yellow. It's not nearly as spectacular without both flashes. There are two big beats in the song, and Barry emphasizes both.

Barry was extra cute tonight as he left the stage before the 3D segment began. He always says something like "Betcha didn't know I could fly?" And it's so cute! Tonight he added, "I can!"

Love these orange spotlights at the end. Never have considered orange to be a favorite color of mine, but I certainly love the way it's used in Barry's show. This is when Barry comes back on stage after the 3D segment. There aren't any images on the video screen at this point, but I don't think they're needed. All eyes on are Barry.

Well, okay - I love the red spotlights, too! I've never noticed the yellow spotlights in the middle of the red ones before. That's kind of fun!

I keep forgetting to mention this, but Barry has changed the moments in the show that lead up to Even Now. Now there's an instrumental introduction to the song. Barry changes jacket at a leisurely pace while the music is playing. The music is beautiful. And I like the relaxed atmosphere leading up to the song.

A lot of emotion in Even Now. I'm definitely feeling the song. Barry's take on the second verse actually put a lump in my throat. The ending of the song was extremely passionate. One of those where you're just sitting there thinking "Wow!". I don't think he even needed a microphone for that ending note!

And just when you think Barry needs some time to recover from Even Now, he jumps right into Let's Hang On. He was full of energy for that song! So much fun!

I usually take a shot of everyone on stage at the end of LHO, but this time I decided to just do a closeup on Barry. I love those green lights.

Weekend In New England was beautiful. At the beginning of the song, Barry seemed to have a smile on his face, but he quickly got into the mood of the song. This was a passionate performance. A lot of strong notes and a lot of feeling - like this moment.

As much as I love the blue lights during the song, I'm really starting to love these pink ones.

I loved this moment from the end of WINE. It was different. This was after he finished singing, after the sigh. It was as if he were reaching up to "turn out the light" - but he didn't. Instead, he froze in this pose. And I love this pose!

Could It Be Magic was a lot of fun. I heard several people comment that Barry was really on fire for this one. And he was! Wow! We even got finger wiggles tonight!

Someone else asked if he's really 75. I don't think so. I think he's figured out some way to get younger every year. He just won't share it with the rest of us!

When Barry was dancing with Melanie, he leaned over and said, "Melanie Magic." So cute!

This is priceless!!!! Definitely not a planned shot - but I love it!

Between purple, amber and green, green wins again!

I Made It Through The Rain was beautiful. And emotional. This song has kind of been making me feel a little sad lately for some reason. Don't know why, really. But it's still beautiful.

The spotlights still make it difficult to get good photos of Barry while he's sitting. But I like this one. It very much reminds me of his performance at this show - it reminds me of the tone of the song.

I've always liked the "listen to the music" part of I Write The Songs. I especially liked it tonight, though. Barry looked so happy during that song, and at that moment. A head got in the way, but you can see Barry with his arms outstretched and a big smile on his face.

Can you say "yellow"?! LOL! This is from the end of I Write The Songs.

The spotlight beams do narrow as Barry sings that final note.

I still love the new Copa jacket. It's hard to catch Barry at the top of the stairs - not a lot of light. And he's always in motion - dancing around, posing, doing cute things. Sorry I cut his head off!

But... Still love the jacket! These are from the end of Copacabana. It's one big party.

I think this is the first time I've managed to catch Barry as he's pointing directly out into the audience at the end of It's A Miracle.

This was such a fun show. It's always fun - but tonight just seemed to be even more special than usual.

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