I've taken part in the Platinum Experience a few times. That's a VIP package offered by the Manilow Music Project, which includes getting to meet briefly with Barry. It's a nice opportunity to get to spend a few minutes of personal time with him. Plus, the money goes to a good cause.

These are my favorites of all the photos I've had taken with Barry.

Notes from my experiences can be found on the Platinum page.

Television Tapings

I was able to attend the QVC taping at the Paris Las Vegas in January of 2010. We waited in line for hours (literally - I swore I would never do that again). I was very surprised that I ended up with a front row seat for the taping. We were seated to the side of the stage, but that didn't matter; Barry sent a lot of attention to his fans that were sitting on the side. I can be seen in the video from the taping. I cringe every time I think about it! But I enjoyed the experience.

QVC taping


Seeing Barry's musical, Harmony, was one of the unique experiences. Being able to attend the official opening in Atlanta, and being there for the "red carpet" was very exciting.

Harmony notes and Red Carpet photos

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