The links below are to the photographs from the events I've attended since 1980.

The individual concerts around the US have been grouped into time periods. There are also sections for Barry's Las Vegas Hilton and Paris Las Vegas runs. Since Barry played the St James Theatre in New York for an extended period, I felt it deserved its own section, as well.

Special events, such as Barry's production of Harmony in Atlanta, television tapings, and Q&A events with Barry and/or his collaborators can be found under "The Experience" portion of the web site.

The Las Vegas Shows
Music & Passion - 2005-2008
Las Vegas Hilton
Ultimate Manilow - 2008-2009
Las Vegas Hilton
Manilow - 2010-2011
Paris Las Vegas
The Hits Come Home - 2018-
Westgate Las Vegas
From Boston To Denver
The First 20 Years 2006-2011 - Vegas Plus 2015-2016 - One Last Time
The First Trips To Vegas 2012 - Not Over 2017-2018 - You Begin Again
2002 - The Next Chapter 2013 - Slowing Down  
2004 - One Night Live! One Last Time! 2014 - What's Next?  
A Gift Of Love
McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, CA
Manilow On Broadway
St James Theatre - New York City

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