Since 1980, I've attended more than 460 Manilow events - concerts, TV tapings, benefit performances, etc...

For what it's worth, I'm sharing my own personal documentation of the shows I've seen.

In addition to the concerts, I've also documented my experiences at non-concert events, such as Barry's production of Harmony in Atlanta, some of his television/video taping events, and some of the fan club and Q&A events with Barry and/or his collaborators. (The accounts of those experiences can be found under "The Experience" portion of the web site.)

While I've included notes from the shows I've attended, this site is primarily to share some of the photographs I've taken. Manilow fans love photographs!

This has been a unique experience. I've never encountered a performer that could make me "feel" the way that Barry does. He has an energy that can completely envelop you. I'm not referring to the energy of an appreciative audience. This is strictly Barry. He's captivating, he's addicting. He's special. There will never be another like him.

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